Todd and Kira

Kira Botkin

Kira is an avid reader, a frequent baker, and a serial entrepreneur. As her day job, she works as a clinical research co÷rdinator for OhioHealth. In her spare time she cares for cute furry animals; she has a dog and two cats, one of which is big enough to count for two. Kira runs a variety of successful internet businesses, and writes freelance articles about taxes and finance. She bakes pies, makes cookies, and even sings in the choir.

Todd C. Harris

Todd has a variety of interests. He studied classics, computer science, and ancient history at Case Western Reserve and Ohio State. He reads often, in Latin, in ancient Greek, but mostly in English; the variety of science-fiction and fantasy available in Greek and Latin is unfortunately limited. Since teaching Latin doesn't pay the bills, he works as a software engineer for the Online Computer Library Center. Todd cooks dinner every night; the secret ingredient is always garlic. He likes to tell himself that he runs two to three miles every day, but actually only makes it out four or five days a week. As you can see, he is rather fond of the semi-colon; punctuation is keen.